Sunday, October 10, 2010

A note on self worth and Values

I hit a point recently where I realized I've been selling myself short recently on my abilities.

I've been doing a Tony Robbins program over the past week and still have a little over a week left.

I've recognized the things I've let get me down in the past and my beliefs associated with why those things happen. Its incredible to see how out of whack your beliefs get when you let them run rampant for a couple decades.

For the first time, I'm in control of my life. I get up and exercise at 6AM because I know I can and that it makes me feel alive first thing in the morning. It then allows me to free up the rest of my morning for development, personal and business. I work hard because I know that the purpose of working isn't a vague line that somebody has fed me (like "to get ahead"), but something more specific: to occupy every moment of time with something that will decrease the time to launch Idea School. I work hard because working hard makes me valuable. It makes everything easier.

There was this incredible moment I had recently. There was a situation with a friend that I was pretty concerned about. Essentially, we had grown very distant. This came fairly unexpectedly and I couldn't really understand what had happened. I found myself trying to find ways to 'fix' it.

A strange epiphany happened. I realized that I can't 'fix' it. I know what you're saying: "This is the worst story ever, what do you mean you couldn't fix it?" I couldn't control the situation, but I could control what I did and how I acted toward it. I just decided that whatever was going on didn't have anything to do with me personally. I would just continue to be supportive and be myself. My new self that is. But still myself. I decided I'd give it some time and see how things turned out.

I knew that I had a lot of self worth so if I gave it time and just kept being a good guy that things would work out. And if they didn't, it would just be something I couldn't control and I still maintained my integrity.

Sometimes, you drive yourself crazy trying to think of how you can fix things in relationships, but there is one true thing you can always abide that will keep you on track long term. Your values. What values do you hold yourself to that will shape you as a person?

Values are supremely important.