Friday, July 23, 2010

Focus Group Result

We had a very productive meeting today and went over many aspects of the school!

I was so inspired for the rest of the day. It felt great! After the meeting, I spoke with my mentor, John, and he's going to introduce me to a gentleman who teaches entrepreneurship at the University of Utah so that I can ask him questions and if he'd like to be involved in any way. I'll also see if its possible for me to sit in on one or two of his classes and observe his method. Based on his background, and the description I received of his class, I think he'll be at least somewhat interested in participating with Idea School.

Also, news. We will be moving our efforts for the school to another web address that will be just for the Idea School, while this site will focus mostly on future projects and great ideas.

As a little tidbit for all you you, check out this school to see if it peaks your interest. George Wythe University and Idea School have some similar agendas, though not all the same. We also have some similar methods, though not all the same. I really enjoyed their site and it gave me some great insights.

Some of the differences for Idea School are:
  • Strong focus on business and starting your idea implementation/exploration from the get-go
  • Very little focus on writing for writing's sake
  • A lot of community involvement
  • Less class/"homework" time. (when I say homework, I mean traditional homework (see next post, coming soon))
  • Less 'rigorous' application process
Some things I love about what I've read about George Wythe:
  • Student-centered curriculum
  • small class sizes
  • Colloquiums (essentially discussion formatted classes)
  • Critical Thinking as a primary subject matter
  • Simulations (though I don't think you can replace real world experience, they are trying to get close and I commend them for that.)
You can check out more at

Have a good night ya'll.



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