Thursday, November 18, 2010

True Place and Right Place

I was given this card recently by somebody very dear to me. It's old, but here's what it says:

"There is a vital difference between your True Place and your Right Place which everyone should understand.

Your True Place is the place where God [or whatever you believe: nature, destiny, etc] intends you to be. In that place you will have great happiness, good health and real prosperity, and you will be living an active and interesting life. That place is waiting for you somewhere, and the wonderful thing about it is that no one else on earth, but you, can fill your True Place adequately.

Your Right Place in life is the place you are actually in at the moment, whether it is pleasing to you or not.

You are always in your Right Place because you are always in the place that corresponds to your mentality at the moment; but this may not be your True Place. If your conditions are unwelcome, it means that there is something in your mentality that needs to be changed. Change it, and then the outer conditions will change too.

The sick man is in his Right Place in bed, because he has a sick mentality, but it is not his True Place, and his business is to change his mentality, heal his mind. When he is healed, bed will no longer be his Right Place. The man in the bread-line is suffering the natural consequences of having a poverty consciousness at the moment, but that is not his True Place.

You glorify God [or life] by working upon yourself until your Right Place and your True Place become one."

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