Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Linchpin Meetup Successful! And a tidbit on Unschooling

Hey you guys!

Just had the 'official' 'unofficial' Linchpin meetup at SLC Roasting Co. As you may know, or not, Linchpin is a fantastic book written by Seth Godin.

Anyways, it was very exciting to meet with people who think similar things as I (and a lot of you) do. The great thing is that there was a very broad mix of people at the meeting. People who'd owned companies previously and retired, but now want to get back into the action; people who own successful companies looking to go to the next level; and people who are just starting their entrepreneurial/career journey.

Some great stories were told about people sneaking on to Hollywood sets to get jobs (which worked! Ha ha) and others about how to manage employees while keeping them excited about their jobs and performance.

It wasn't all business, of course. There was a lot of talk about education and the education revolution. Jeremy, one of the other Linchpins, talked about 'unschooling', a new learning model that borders on what we're implementing with Idea School.

Here's a random unschooling website I found, not sure if it's the group Jeremy was affiliated with. Basically he was working to develop a new learning model for children that seemed similar to home schooling but with a twist, students completely directed their own learning. "It's not a democracy," Jeremy said. "If four kids want to do something, 3 want to do another, and two want something completely different, then we do all of them."

The similarity to Idea School is that students direct their own work.

Anyways, it was fun. Maybe some of you should come to the next one? Ya, I thought you's say yes. Here's the group we'll be continuing with: Idea School's Neo Entrepreneurship Exchange. The group is geared toward entrepreneurship so if that isn't your thing, probably not going to be fun for you.


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  1. I couldn't make it last night as I was tied up doing some work with a client. I love this unschooling concept. You might like www.thesocialleader.com as we post leadership education blogs daily from a variety of thought leader. An online high school that is charting new water is www.wacademy.org. They have a tough curriculum and are accredited.