Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Record Industry and Higher Education

Many people talk about the continued demise of the record industry. The record industry is failing because they want to use old models to push the same product that people can now get for free online or other methods.

The company CD Baby has found a great way to make it in the new world of record publishing. CD Baby allows individual artists to sell their albums on their website without all the big wig, Record Company bullshit. Its revolutionizing the way music is sold, and its much cheaper. Many artists are resorting to giving their music away for free, and making money of something substantial, such as tours and merchandise. In our new era of free information, this only makes sense.

The higher education system has its own demise ahead. I'm not saying we'll stop learning, but I am saying that the way we learn is changing. People are realizing that they can learn many things they learn in school without going to school, simply by reading and/or trying to do that which they want to do. They are also learning that there is a lot of waste in the current education system. We take so many classes that are supposed to make us well-rounded, but end up becoming frustrated because its not what we want to be learning. And we should be learning what we want to! After all, its our money we're giving them...

Where is the free prize in the education system? Where is the CD Baby?

Could it be us?

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