Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Warrior

The Warrior came to a fork in the road and made camp. He contemplated which path to choose for what seemed like an eternity. One path he had trodden before, the other was uncharted.

After many sleepless nights the Warrior awoke early, inspired by a dream. He knelt and spoke aloud.

"I remember the horrible weather I encountered on the first path," he said to his heart. "Though it taught me the lessons of preparation and patience, I worry that it may be as harsh the second time around and I am weary from my travels. On the other hand, the second path is unfamiliar and I fear that I will learn little by walking it, or that it may end prematurely, or that it too will be harsh. Which path ought I to choose?"

The Warrior's heart listened with interest just as it always had. "I have weathered your struggle with you and I too ponder this question," his heart said. "To me, it is a question of desire. In love and war it is impossible to predict everything. A true Warrior knows this and does not let his fears dictate his actions. The important question is this: 'which path do you desire most?'"

The Warrior stood and looked out upon the horizon. The sun was beginning its ascent into the gray sky, bringing with it the wisdom and eternity of a new morning. The Warrior gathered up his belongings and set off down the Path.

The route he chose is unimportant. What matters is that whichever way he went, it was his choice. The ability to choose his path is what gives the Warrior his strength.

This material was inspired by novels by Paulo Coelho. Here, I am merely reflecting on my own life through some of his lenses. In no way do I intend to make a profit from, distribute illegaly, or plagiarize any of his material.

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